Ritterkreuzträger der Fallschirmtruppe
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Ritterkreuzträger der Fallschirmtruppe
Rupert Metzroth

Ritterkreuzträger der Fallschirmtruppe


The following list covers the Fallschirmjäger Knights Cross winners between 1939-1945 totalling 133 recipients.

There now follows a break down of the award:
1 was awarded in Norway
were awarded in Normandy
10 in Belgium
13 in Holland, early and late war
1 at Corinth
27 in Kreta
4 in Afrika
40 in Italy
8 on the Eastern Front
2 in the Ardennes
6 within the borders of Germany at the end of the war
Out of the 133 recipients:
69 were also awarded the German Cross in Gold
6 were awarded posthumously
20 recipients were KIA
1 was executed after the war
3 were killed in accidents
3 died from wounds recieved in action after the event
1 was a pilot
3 were doctors in the medical branch

The alphabetical list below gives the recipients name, last rank held, date of birth, award dates with KC variations where appropriate and date of death and whereabouts if applicable. it will be updated regularly.
No Fallschirmjäger web-site would be complete without a list of those who were awarded their countries highest award for acts of courage and leadership whilst members of this historical corps.
There may be some critisism of this list as someone may mention the inclusion of men like Major Rudolf Berneike, Oberleutnant Robert Höfeld, Major Walter Kieß, Major Ingenhoven and Oberst Friedrich Morzik, who are mentioned in some publications as being Fj KC winners. Some of the aforementioned men were glider pilots who took part in Fj operations, others went on to serve in the Fj. The list below will be updated when I have found out more about these men.

Major Herbert Karl Abratis
Born 21st March 1918, KC on 24th October 1944, KIA near Stettin 29th March 1945
Major Heinz Paul Adolff
Born 29th June 1914, KC on 26th March 1944, KIA in Sicily 17th July 1944
Major Gustav Altmann
Born 13th April 1912, KC on 12th May 1940, Died 20th February 1981
Oberfeldwebel Peter Arent
Born 26th June 1917, KC Posthumous on 4th December 1942, KIA Tunisia 3rd December 1942
Oberleutnant Helmut Arpke
Born 3rd March 1917, KC on 16th January 1942, KIA on the Eastern Front 16th January 1942

Major Josef Barmetler
Born 11th March 1904, KC on 9th July 1941, Died 20th February 1945
Oberst Karl Heinz Becker
Born 2nd January 1914, KC on 9th July 1941, Oakleaves 12-3-45. Died 3rd October 2000, Germany
Major Erich Beine
Born 26th June 1914, KC on 18th November 1944
Oberleutnant Karl Berger
Born 31st October 1919, KC on February 7th 1945
Major Herbert Christopher Karl Beyer
Born on 4th August 1913, KC on 9th June 1944, Died 4th September 1966
Oberst Ernst Blausteiner
Born on 16th May 1911, KC on 29th October 1944
Oberleutnant Count Wolfgang von Blücher
Born on 31st January 1917, KC in Holland 1940, KIA Crete 21st May 1941
Hauptmann Rudolf Bohlein
Born on 4th January 1917, KC on 30th November 1944
Oberst Rudolf Böhmler
 Born on 12th June 1914, KC on 26th March 1944, Died 24th November 1968
General Bruno Oswald Bräuer
 Born on 4th February 1893, KC on 24th May 1941, Executed in Greece on 20th May 1947
Oberfeldwebel Manfred Büttner
Born on 15th February 1921, KC on 29th April 1945

Leutnant Georg le Coutre
Born on 13th September 1921, KC on 7th February 1945

Hauptmann Egon Delica
Born on 4th January 1915, KC on 12th May 1940. Died on 26th April 1999
Oberleutnant Rudolf Donth

Reinhard Karl Egger
Born on 11th December 1905, KC on 9th July 1941, Oakleaves on 24th June 1944.
Major Johann Engelhardt
Born on 11th December 1916, KC on 29th February 1944.
Generalleutnant Wolfgang Erdmann
Born on 13th November 1898, KC on 8th February 1945, committed suicide on 5th September 1946
Major Werner Ewald
Born on 23rd October 1914, KC on 17th September 1944.

Major Ferdinand Foltin
Born on 30th November 1916, KC on 9th June 1944, still lives in Austria
Leutnant Herbert Fries
Born on 1st March 1925, KC on 5th September 1944.
Major Ernst Fromming
Born on 4th February 1911, KC on 18th November 1944. Died 18th August 1959 in Germany
Hauptmann Wilhelm Fulda
Born on 21st May 1909, KC on 14th June 1941, Died 8th August 1977, Hamburg

Leutnant Robert Gast
Born on 28th March 1920, KC on 6th October 1944.
Major Alfred Genz
Born on 8th March 1916, KC on 14th June 1941.
Died on 23rd April 2000 in Germany
Oberst Walter Gericke
Oberleutnant Ernst Germer
Major Siegfried Josef Gerstner
Oberleutnant Helmut Gustav Görtz
Oberstleutnant Franz Grassmel
Oberst Kurt Gröschke

Hauptmann Andreas Hagl
Major Reino Hamer
Hauptmann Friedrich Hauber
General Richard Heidrich
Generalmajor Ludwig Heilmann
Oberleutnant Erich Hellmann
Oberst Harry Herrmann
Major Maximillian Herzbach
Oberstleutnant Baron Friedrich August von der Heydte
Hauptmann Eduard George Hübner

Oberleutnant Georg Rupert Jacob
Oberarzt Dr. Rolf Karl Ernst Jäger
Major Siegfried Jamrowsk

Oberleutnant Wilhelm Kempke
Hauptmann Horst Kerfin
Major Helmut Kerutt
Oberfeldwebel Karl Koch
Oberstleutnant Walter Koch
Hauptmann Willi Koch
Major Rudolf Kratzert
Hauptmann Heinz Krink
Generalmajor Hans Kroh
Oberleutnant Willy Kroymanns
Major Martin Kühne
Leutnant Kurt Kunkel
Leutnant Rudolf Kurz

Oberstabsarzt Dr. Carl Lamgemeyer
Oberleutnant Erich Lepkowski
Oberstleutnant Walter Paul Liebing

Hauptmann Rolf Mager
Oberleutnant Johannes Marscholek
General Eugen Meindl
Hauptmann Joachim Meissner
Oberfeldwebel Otto Menges
Major Gerhardt Mertens
Major Heinz Meyer
Major Dr. Werner Milch
Hauptmann Gerd Mischke

Oberleutnant Karl Neuhoff
Oberstabarzt Dr. Heinrich Neumann


Leutnant Heinrich Orth

Major Gerhard Pade
Major Hugo Paul
Gefreiter Herbert Peitsch
Oberst Erich Pietzonka
Major Fritz Prager

General Hermann Bernhard Ramcke
Oberleutnant Siegfried Rammelt
Major Ernst Willi Raprager
Oberfeldwebel Adolf Reininghaus
Major Paul-Ernst Renisch
Oberstleutnant Rudolf Rennecke
Hauptmann Helmut Ringler
Major Arnold von Roon

Oberleutnant Walter Sander
Leutnant Bruno Sassen
Major Gerhard Schacht
Major Martin Schachter
Generalleutnant Richard Schimpf
Leutnant Horst Schimpke
Oberstleutnant Gerhart Schirmer
General Alfred Schlemm
Major Herbert Schmidt
Hauptmann Leonhard Schmidt
Oberstleutnant Werner Herbert Schmidt
Oberstleutnant Count Wolf Werner von der Schulenburg
Generalmajor Karl-Lothar Schulz
Oberleutnant Erich Schuster
Major Alfred Schwaezmann
Major Günther Sempert
Oberleutnant Hubert Sniers
Major Albert Stecken
Major Edgar Stentzler
Major Kurt Stephani
KIA 20.8.1944
Hauptmann Günther Straehler-Pohl
Generaloberst Kurt Student
Generalleutnant Alfred Sturm

Oberstleutnant Karl Stephan Tannert
Major Hans Teusen
Hauptmann Cord Tietjen
Oberstleutnant Erich Timm
Hauptmann Rudolf Toschka
Hauptmann Horst Trebes
Generalleutnant Heinrich Trettner
Hauptmann Herbert Trotz

Oberfeldwebel Alexander Uhlig

Major Kurt Veth
Oberleutnant Viktro Vitali

Hauptmann Helmut Wagner
Generalmajor Erich Walther
Hauptmann Friedrich-Wilhelm Wangerin
Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Weck
Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Welskop
Leutnant Walter Werner
Leutnant Karl-Hans Wittig
Major Rudolf Witzig

Hauptmann Hilmar Zahn
Major Otto Zierach

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