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Ritterkreuzträger der Fallschirmtruppe
Rupert Metzroth

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                               Fallschirmjager Reenactment Groups
FJR6  Virginia Area   http://www.fjr6.com/
FJR6 England   http://www.fjr6.co.uk/ 
FJR6 California   http://www.fjr6.net/home.html 
FJR2 Belgium http://www.fjr2.be/ 
FJR2 Massachusetts  www.fjr2.org
FJR2 Texas  http://txfjr2.com/
                             Axis Reenactment Groups
http://drksoutheast.com/  -DRK unit out of the Southeast US. (FJR3 is proud to have them join us at events)
http://www.dererstezug.com/ -Herr Unit out of the Virginia Area
http://germanredcrossww2.com/index.html - DRK Helferinnen group out of California. Fantastic Impressions and Displays
http://www.1sspanzerpioneer.com/- Florida Group portraying the "Leibstandarte" in a Pioneer Kompanie
                          Allied Reenactment Groups
http://1st-infantry-division.org/- The Big Red One from Florida
http://www.2ndrangerbattalion.org/ - Ranger Unit out of Florida
 http://www.197thguard.com/ - Russian Group out of FL. and Ga.
http://www.101st506hrs.org/ - Allied Airborne unit out of Florida
http://www.roadtovictorymilitarymuseum.org/ -Florida Group portraying the 4th Armored Division
                                    Uniforms and Equipment
http://atthefront.com/- Quick Service and Great Reenacting Products
fjfabrik@yahoo.com specializes in hand-made gauntlets, pads, parachute rigs, and many other items.
http://joeswansonsmotionpictureblanks.com/ -  producer of BFONG blanks
http://www.1944militaria.com/  -1944 militria.com
http://www.atlanticwallblanks.com/  - producer of BFONG blanks and other quality caliber blanks
http://www.hegeroptik.de/shop/catalog/ -hard to find german optics
http://www.re-enactmentshop.com/p_german_luftwaffe.htm -McFarthingbowl's Re-enactment Supplies
http://repropaperwork.com/ - Reproduction Paperwork
http://www.wephaus.com/index.html- Reenacting odds and ends at great prices
http://www.panther-store.cz/ - Vendor out of the Czech Republic. Know for very good camo.
http://stores.ebay.com/Spearhead-Militaria - Very Inexpensive but correct items
                                    Historical References
http://www.cfloridaww2museum.org/ - WW2 Museum located in Central Florida
http://www.fallschirmjaeger-denkmal.de/English.htm  -Friends for the Preservation of a German Parachutists Memorial in Crete
http://www.ddaymuseum.org/ - D-Day Museum in New Orleans
http://www.roadtovictorymilitarymuseum.org/- Road to Victory Military Museum . Located in Stuart Florida honoring Americas Veterans.
http://www.wwiimemorial.com/ -National WW2 Memorial in Washington D.C.
http://www.warmuseums.nl/ - A listing and photographs of all war museums throughout Europe
http://www.ww2panorama.org/panoramas - Panorama photographs of historical WW2 battlesites throughout the world
http://www.soldiersandsailors.us/ - A website that honors our greatest generation
http://www.thirdreichruins.com/ - A website focusing on the WW2 related sites throughout Germany with "then and now" photos.
http://www.medalofhonor.com/MedalsPhotos.htm - Research on Medal of Honor
http://fjreenactors.proboards.com/index.cgi - Information exchange and forum for worldwide FJ reenactors
                                   WW2 Movie Vendors
http://www.warshows.com/StoreFront.bok -  Belle and Blade Video. For the hard to find war movies from any era.
http://www.ihffilm.com/index.html - Internation Historical Films. Movies for Historical research
http://www.joeri.net/radiofiles/ - Radio recording from all sides of WW2
http://www.banknotesnbooks.com/ - Inexpensive Axis war movies
http://www.rzm.com/main/main.cfm -RZM Imports . For hard to find war
movies and books
http://www.throughtheireyes2.co.uk/ - Thousands of unreleased photos available from both WWI and WWII
    WW2 Reenactor / Historical Research Forums
http://fjreenactors.proboards.com/index.cgi - Worldwide proboards for Fallschirmjager Reenactors to exchange knowledge about FJ history and reenacting.
http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/index.php - Wehrmacht Awards / WW2 Collectors forum
http://www.flhg.org/- Florida Living History Group
http://forum.axishistory.com/  - Axis history Forum

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