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Ritterkreuzträger der Fallschirmtruppe
Rupert Metzroth

                Uniforms and Equipment
The photos on this page illustrate the basic equipment for Fallschirmjager reenacting. This page is geared towards guiding someone that is relatively new to the hobby and to help them start off correctly to avoid having to repurchase certain items. After deciding to stay in the hobby, unit members will guide you along to obtaining other items to add and improve your impression. The items shown here can be purchased by either Spearhead Militaria or SM Wholesale.  Access to thier sites can be found on our links page.



The Basic M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet. Once issued, the paratrooper would either leave the helmet field gray or would paint it to match the environment they fought in. It was very common to see these helmets painted a sand color in Africa or Italy and white in snowy environments. The paratrooper would also add wire or nets to the helmet for foilage. This is a Spearhead product.
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                     HEAD GEAR
The LW side cap is the most prevalent and wise for your first purchase when you start. This is a SM Wholesale products that can be purchased here

                                                           JUMP SMOCKS
You will want to make the green step in smock your first purchase. We portray FJR3 as an early to midwar unit. (as shown in the left photo). We strongly recommend purchasing a Sturm plain green step in but other green step ins are acceptable. The smock to the left is a green step in smock that was issued early in  the war. The middle smock is a splinter b smock that was the most prevalent smock throughout the war. The right is a tan and water smock that was issued later in the war. All three items below are spearhead militaria products.


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Several vendors sell Jump smocks that are very inexpensive  which is tempting to someone entering the hobby. The problem with those smocks is that they are the incorrect splinter A which was made for the Army . The Luftwaffe was issued the splinter B camo. The photo below displays the difference between the patterns..


                                            FLIEGERBLUSE/TROPICAL TUNIC
The Fallschirmjager was issued either the Fliegerbluse (as seen left below) or a tropical tunic (as seen right below) depending on the environment they would be fighting in. Both items displayed below are SM Wholesale products.


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                                                 FJ TROUSERS/ LW TROPICAL PANTS
The Paratrooper was issued either special wool trousers (as shown on the left ) or tropical pants (as shown on the right). Both items below are SM wholesale productsand their link can be found on our vendors page..
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The Paratrooper was issued the side laced boot in the beginning of the war (as pictured on the left). The front lace boot was placed into service and was issued up until the end of the war (as pictured on the right). The paratrooper also wore low boots and jackboots but the front lace boot was the most prevalent throughout the war. Both items below are SM Wholesale products  and their link can be found on our vendors page..


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                                                     BASIC EQUIPMENT
Pictured Below is basic field gear for reenacting. Contained in the photo are FJ leather Y straps (different than the army Y straps), leather belt with LW buckle, leather gauntlets (gloves) that can be purchased by FJ Fabrik, blue bread bag (green or tan is acceptable), k98 ammo pouches, bandoleer (blue, olive, green or splinter is accepted), gas mask bag that can be purchased by FJ Fabrik, bayonet, graviy knife, p38 holster, canteen and messkit. These items can be found in the vendors area of our links page.